FlightScope X-3

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Get Better At Golf


Want to get better at golf and have fun?  No kidding ... you will get better.  

Take a few lessons from me at Las Vegas Golf Club located at Washington Avenue and Decatur.  

The lessons are all about you!!!  Everyone learns differently and has their own expectations on what they want to achieve.  We will set achievable short and long term goals for you accompanied by drills which will really help you improve.  

I video tape your swing and you can see exactly what you need to work on right on the range.  When you leave the course, you will have an email with the video so you can watch it again.  Many times, I use my very high speed camera and then when I get to my office, I analyze it and send it to you.  I slow down the video and make voice comments so you can really see your swing.  

I now have the top of the line X-3 FlightScope which is the worlds first ever 3D Doppler Radar for Sports. The top golf instructors rave about it's analysis of your ball flight, spin rate, side spin, distance, trajectory and many other aspects.  I will begin using it with all of my lessons.  You will be able to see exactly what you are doing and then we will work to make you better.  I will email all of your data to you after your lesson.  This will be a tremendous asset in my golf instruction.

You can book your lessons online by clicking here or just give me a call at

702-815-5637 or email me at


X-3 Analyzes Your Putting Stroke