Ben Hogan Museum in Dublin, Texas

Truly one of the treasures of Texas is the Ben Hogan Golf Museum in Dublin, Texas.

The Ben Hogan Museum is a must see for anyone that happens to pass near Dublin. 




Mr Hogan's famous one iron shot at the 72nd hole in the 1950 U.S. Open

Merion Golf Course, Ardmore, Pennsylvania

Photo by Sports Illustrated staff photographer Hy Peskin

It was ranked by Sports Illustrated as one of the greatest sports photographs

of the 20th century.




Ben Hogan was born in Dublin, Texas and the town has fallen in love with the history of one of the greatest ball strikers ever.  The Ben Hogan Museum in downtown Dublin is really a treasure of so much of Mr. Hogan's life.  One of the last amateur golf tournaments that Ben Hogan played was at a course just to the west of Dublin and it is now a cow pasture.  For many years, golfers from all over gather to play what is left of the course. It is a fund raiser for the museum. 




LPGA Class A Teaching Pro Jennifer Alexander of Las Vegas assists a student during her annual free clinic, held in conjunction with the Ben Hogan Legacy events in Dublin. This year, Jennifer will start her clinic at 7:30 a.m. Friday, June 2 just prior to tee off at 9 a.m. at PAR Country Club. Jennifer has won numerous honors for her work with young golfers in Las Vegas.


Tom Stites, longtime club maker for Ben Hogan, demonstrates how Mr. Hogan “tweaked” clubs on his loft and lie machine while museum board member Kent Crouch watches.